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Maximum assistance for the world of health care

The health care solution for carrying out all types of hospital rooms: operating theatres, parr (post anaesthetic recovery rooms) or corridors.
It can be subjected to the daily use of sanitising elements. The modular structure allows straight or curved phenolic boards that are perfectly flush and sealed, thereby achieving perfect waterproofing. The rooms are faradized and leaded in accordance with the medical usage needs. The floor and ceiling finishes are planned so as not to lose flushness. All types of sanitary elements can be connected onto the panels.

Technical specifications

  • Thickness: Variable
  • Possibilities: Blind, glass or mixed
  • Interior supports: Steel anchored to the framework
  • Exterior profiles: Anodised or lacquered aluminium
  • Interior: Mineral insulation
  • Panels: Compacted phenolic resin panels
  • Panel joints: Sealed with fungicidal and anti-bacterial silicone
  • Panes: Coplanar
  • Doors: Blind, pane or mixed. Frame panel or rail
  • Optional: Venetian blind between windows
  • Bottom Runner: Hidden plus sanitary moulding
  • Top Runner: Hidden plus sanitary moulding
  • Corners: Post formed phenolic panel corners
  • Sanitary characteristics: Cleaning, waterproofing, flushness.

SANILUX Modular construction system for operating theatres

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